Where's this week's blog?

Hello my little friends. There is no blog this week. I can tell you are gutted. This is because I have my first group therapy session on Monday so it seemed apt to move my blog to Monday night.
Join us at the Iver Heath Junior School Fete tomorrow (Sat 11th) from 12pm!

Meanwhile I've had a mixed week. It was a stressful start with work with anxiety leading up to a meeting with my Boss' boss. I also overreacted and read too much into something my best friends had said. Perhaps overreacted is too strong a word but the air is now clear and I'm sure hugs a plenty will occur at girls night tonight (there will be pictures on my Instagram and Tumblr!) 

Preparations for our trip to France are almost complete. Spurred on by others, I have started packing my bag!

If you are looking for some more juicy content I've listed some of my favourite posts below:

Anyway, we're all good for now. Below is a few pictures from our fundraising - we are at the Iver Heath Junior School fete again getting wet this Saturday.

Hope you are well! Much love xx

Just for Elli... #feet   And it is the FOOT of my post. HAHA!

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