Childhood Memories are not bliss

A recent NSPCC campaign on Facebook called for people to put their favourite cartoon character as their profile picture. Apparently it was to create an 'invasion of memories'...
What if your memories are not childhoot bliss?
Below is a picture of my mother.

Exploding Emotions

'A emotional, not logical, response to campaigns for Children Charities'

This is a drunk.

This is my childhood.

This is just a peice of how angry I am and maybe, how let down I am.

This is 2, maybe 3 litres of Soave Wine a day.

This is me, saying it is not Okay.

This is a child, between 9 and 13 caring for a 47 year old.

This is years of crying, screaming for help - yet no-ones being told.

This is standing by her, putting her to bed.

This being an adult from 9, so tired I think about being dead.

This is my mother, responsable for me.

This is mental health, a single carer, damaged adult I seem to be.

This is feeling I've let her down, despite fighting all I can.

This is pouring away wine, I'd save her if I could.

This is exploding emotions, yet the pain has not shrunk.