An Apology

When someone makes a throwaway comment that wasn't throwaway for you....

I'm sorry if I have been annoying any of you.

I was in a manic state at the end of last week and have been returning to normal this week.  From comments made it is obvious that despite feeling better than ever about myself and achieving more than normal I have been either annoying or irritating: if not these emotions exactly then similar as those involved do not wish to spend long periods of time with me.

As a previous tweet suggests I am quite hurt by it but I never know whether I am right to feel that way or its just 'Matt playing up again'.  And this won't stop looping around my brain.

Maybe I'm not funny...  Maybe im  a pain?

@mattstreuli's Tweet:

Either way I'm going to take a break from social media completely including my blog,  Twitter and my youtube. There are some videos I uploaded and scheduled which will still appear over the next few weeks but nothing else and I will do my best not to promote them so I don't pester anyone.

I'm also sorry that I'm not using this blog post to congratulations and a heart well done to the teens of IHDC for their efforts at the Woking Drama Festival. They did a fantastic job of representating our small club and I am immensely proud of them.

M xx