2 Months Later

OK... I know... it is 2 months after my last post.

What happened to the video or blog post every week...

Well somehow I decided it was easier to do a video. NO idea how that can be true.

Either way below is some of my favourite recent videos.

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Friendly Mole

Its been weeks  since I last posted and after turning up and queuing outside the GP surgery some 20mins before it opened (rather than have a proper moan about the NHS and how underfunded they are you can imagine it yourself) I cam exclusively reveal my mole is fine and not cancer or bum disease.

Now I did promise a blog post or a youtube video every week and I'm currently ahead of that.  There's videos of trebuchets and some more bathtub adventures but below is a video which jas hit over 40 views ina week. For me thats quite exciting.  Why not like it, subscribe and view the rest of my channel?

Go on.

It has to be better than Holby City or Ade Edmondson showing you adverts in between adverts.... ffs



Mole Force!

So advice time!

I have a mole on my arm that I spotted whilst on holiday.  Its not alone I have plenty of them. I look like someone tried to play dot-to-dot on a badly shaved ape.

Anyway all of them are neat and circular but this little shit is not. And the edges fade like a smudge where as the rest of them do not. Then today without realising I caught myself itching it.

Hmm now the NHS website says get it checked in case it's the big C...

Question 1 - should I? Do I need to go?
Question 2 - I still haven't changed GPs since I moved into my own place. Can I just go to my current GP near my parent's  house and pretend I still live there?
Question 3 - have you subscribed to my Youtube channel?

please note - the picture attached is not the mole on my arm. #obviousbut...

Live Today

Well hello my lovely blogging and twotter fans. How are you? 
If you answered positively then great if not; maybe tomorrow.

But that's what I want to post about. Now probably isnt the best time, given itis 0045hrs where I am and I've been drinking very cheap fizzy wine for several hours.

10years ago today ny mother died. I was 13 years old and in my first year of secondary school.

Yep. That escalated quickly.

Part of me wonders where have I got in 10 years,  apart that I am now 23 despite looking 40.

Despite thinking I had found the one, I am single.
I am in a career I never imagined myself in and despite many media based ideas I've never really progressed with them.

On the other hand I do own my own flat which I share with my cat and two fish. I cohost 2 podcasts and have a relatively popular YouTube channel which has seen almost 10,000 views. I've appeared in 11 or 12 pantomimes and several plays.

Part of me is proud I have done this much when society wouldn't of blamed me for going off the rails. But the rest of me wants more.

I want to push my media skills: more blogging,  tweeting and youtube.
I want to find a career that will support or supplement this and doesn't anger or frustrate me the way this one does.
I want to find someone to love with a view to settling down.

So here's how we will do it. There is no 'maybe tomorrow' options.  Turn off the TV and grab that 30mins by the horns.

Live today.

A drunken voicemail

The silly little video and that picture I can't put away.

They all taste the same. A sly smile but a bitter painful aftertaste with a hint of regret.

I regret I wasn't more romantic.  I regret I didn't know.

I thought I was better but now, I miss you. I Really miss you.

Do you miss me?


I thought you were the one.

Just days before you recited our wedding plans. We even got a cat together.  Did you know then that you didn't love me?

I had no idea.
Why couldn't you say?

You saw an end, I had no idea. You just lead me off a cliff.

I am so angry. I want to shout and scream and smash things but nothing would portray how hurt, betrayed,  lonely and just dead I feel.

2 years ago I thought it laughable that I was likeable, let alone loveable. But it gave way and trust and love grew from you. Your abandon ship is the concrete slab to metaphorical garden.

I hate how you've made me feel.

AND yet I still love you. I miss you. I need you. I shared everything with you and now I feel alone. That thrusts a deeps lonleyness, lack of confidence or self worth and a explosion of anger all pointed at my stupid head.

Why should I continue?  You've sent a mixed signal or two but its clear you can't talk to me let alone want to try to sort our relationship. Couldn't we of spent more alone special time together? Couldn't you of at least tried to care? You could of arranged a date for us? Where was your fight? Fight for our love? Or am I simply not worth it?

I'm not even worth the warning that you weren't happy.

If there was someone else then at least I would have closure. I'd still be dying but at least there would be a tangeable reason. I still have 27dresses on the tivo. Do I save it? We were watching dr who and james bond. I can't watch the next episode - I've tried - I feel guilty. Wtf should I feel guilty for?

Maybe I will feel better.
Maybe I will see the next episode. 
Maybe there will be someone who loves me and I can trust and love them back.

But right now I don't know how I can survive tomorrow. I don't want to.

I feel numb.

The world continues to turn. People go on almost blind to the reality you've reignited for me.

I feel tired. Drained.

Without you I don't have the fight to go on.

I loved you.
I still do. And no matter how hurt I feel I don't seem to be able to stop.

All that mixes into the cocktail of an emotional anathesia. 

I know there are people dying right now who have so much to give and they want to give it.

I think the biggest tragedy is that they can't live but i have to and yet I don't have any give left.

I feel numb. 


I just want to rest. I don't want to fight anything anymore.  I want to stop.

Killer Robots!

Munitions manufactures under pressure from society have found a way of making weapons which will kill the enemy but keep our army absolutely safe.
Last month a campaign was launched that despite the potential comedy drew little mainstream media attention. The Stop the Killer Robot campaign was launched at the House of Commons and of course immediately draws your mind to Skynet or the ED209 from RoboCop.
However, Killer Robots actually exist and the campaign is to get a treaty signed before they go into production. Dr Noel Sharkey, who some of us may remember from Robot Wars back in the good ole’ days, is a founding member and was quoted at the launch saying:  “Robot warfare and autonomous weapons, the next step from unmanned drones, are already being worked on by scientists and will be available within the decade.”

Imagine a fire hydrant. A CCTV camera identifies you and the on board AI checks you as friend or foe. In the world of GPS, Satellite communication and WiFi an entire network of these killer robots could be patrolling and holding a front line of a battlefield or even a land border. The logical progression is to then fit this technology to those unmanned drones or just give them caterpillar tracks.
It is easy to say that this is scaremongering but South Korea demonstrated what it called a Autonomous Sentry in 2007.  They then demonstrated a soldier approaching the unit and being ordered to surrender to what at first glance looks a like a camera from Big Brother house.

The UN has commissioned a report into what it calls ‘lethal autonomous robotics’ which draft versions appeared online at the end of April. The UN is already calling for international meetings on this subject.

The campaign’s website states “Giving machines the power to decide who lives and dies on the battlefield is an unacceptable application of technology.”