The 5:2 Diet: Fasting Day 2

I bought a pot of porridge thinking it would be ideal breakfast. Checked the label just before I opened it to eat at my desk. 862 kcals. YIKES. I thinketh not.

So no breakfast this morning.

Tesco Sparkling Water, Summer Fruits, 1 litre = 20kcals

2 celery sticks= Bag suggests 32kcal each = 64kcal
+ 30g of Heinz Salad Cream = 100kcal

Snack: Jordans Frusli = 112kcal

Target: 600kcal
Total: 296  kcal

The 5:2 diet: Fasting day 1

So I am trying this 5:2 diet after seeing it on the British TV show Sunday Brunch (cos I am middle class and middle aged innit). The Dr on there has claimed that by reducing his calories to just 600 for two days a week.  Apparently  Roger Banister (of the 4min mile fame)  did it and recent science has proven it vastly improves blood tests. Either way let's see if I lose any weight.  Starting pic below.

So here is my Fasting Tuesday food diary:

Breakfast: Honey flavoured live Greek yoghurt. 150g (yes I weighed it!). Outside of pot says 220kcals which is 1/3 of today gone! 

Lunch: 1 can of chicken soup, Heinz.  204kcal

Dinner: Homemade Pepper Soup with bread. We're guessing 200kcals.

Drinks : 

1 bottle of Volvo flavoured water.  4kcal

1 cup of tea with one sugar and semi skimmed milk.  ~40kcal

So today I consumed around 680kcal which is only  80kcals over.  Remember that a man is meant to consume  2500per day and I probably do that drop is quite impressive. 

As I type this at the end of the day I'm peckish but think that is more psychological than physiological.  ;) 

Btw. Fez.  Fez's are cool.