Bearing Demons Bearing Pain

Lets mix poetry and m,usic GOOD NIGHT VIENNA(Tempo 85 bpm, 4/4 beat)


Classical music can be sinister...

Pluck at not just your romantic strings.

Perhaps Chopin had a passionate devil whispering to him.

I try not to bring any anger, pain... hurt.


I don’t think people are evil.

Enthusiasm Justified... in their minds

Villains have a, influence of DEVILment.

Remember racism is but a fear;

Insane from anger? guilt? an event too far...


Yet the villain; bringer of pain, death, anger and destruction

Must die – wiping any good, pleasure, fun things

Heaven string choir raise me through the blinds.


Despite an attempt for good,

The sanity by safety of the many MUST outweigh

My deeds maybe not violent in nature,

indeed mostly unintentional – yet their outcome all the same plagued


The sinister brass fades with the shocked faces and defribulator.

I defeat my demons and devils, know my humanity and harpstrings shall nay wither

I win tonight for me, saving you all - future pain soon or later.

♪F Sustain, fade

I can bear no more pain