Live from the M1

Two things I wanted to quickly write up.

Today I can visited one of a five main hubs for a major UK and European courier. Next time you click order on a site like Amazon remember the fantastic people who are working 24hrs a day in warehouses and logistics to get that parcel to you next day: business or leisure.

That item is picked and then packed. Then collected by a courier and taken to a local depot. On it goes to a central hub. From there it is sorted into a batch and loaded to a lorry to go to your local depot to reach you. All while your asleep. All for very Little cost.  Well done. And a personal thanks to TNT who do a great job and work incrediblely hard to beat expectations and if it does ever go wrong -  they sort it.

Oh and the second thing... 
Here is my latest lootcrate video. Battle!

LootCrate Nov2014  'Battle' ∞ MATT STREULI:

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I love you all.