Hyper Thursday


Can anyone tell that I’ve gone a bit manic? I feel giggly, girly, excited and funny. If normal Matt was here, I’d be irritating the fuck out of him. LOL   I guess I have been pretty happy all week too! YAY

Anyway thank you for coming to my blog. Did you read about my adventures in Hemel Hempstead (over 60 views!! Thanks!) or see the Lib Dem’s response to my mental health plea (in association with MIND, the mental health charity)? Click the hyperlinks and have browse. Your feedback and comments are always welcome. Xxxxxx

So I had planned to write about fluid genders and we as humans like to label things to help us understand them and identify them. It’s due to our natural programming of recognising patterns such as stars in the sky or babies recognising the pattern or layout of a smiling face. But I can’t stop my leg twitching and I have I Feel Fantastic on a perpetual loop in my head. Loopy loop. Loooop. Anyone wanna hug?

I’m looking to buy a folding bike. Anyone got one? I’m looking at this one here from Argos. It’s cheap so probably cheerful. I really wanna go cycling. But I shouldn’t. I can’t afford it. But I want to.

Anyway, keep an eye on my YouTube (www.YouTube.com/MattStreuli) there is a special video on coming tonight but only if you watch my vlog and share it on your twatters and bookfacers and share my blog. It is a skinny version of me.

I saw the latest Avengers film – really good. It just felt like it was lacking the tension that other Marvel films have. They went into the final battle without a clear plan which made it feel a bit ad hoc but maybe I’m being annoying. Looking forward to the weekend: either going to Brighton with my best buddies or if it is wet I’m trying to convince them to go to Bletchley Park – the home of the code braking team with Alan Turing who founded the world of computing we know today.

Right better go now before I type any more nonsense. I really wanna go cycling or perhaps I could make some videos for our Off the Radar Election Special – although part of me just wants to watch Channel 4 with Jon Snow and David Mitchell. But before I do sod off have a look at this bizarre twitter account. He keeps asking me to sit on the crown from this month’s LootCrate. Yes, seriously.
Fellow BPD people: how do you cope being so hyper? This is an incoherent mess and part of me is annoyed by it.

I’m sure he will keep replying demanding I sit on a bloody crown… so click the below to see the latest tweets : http://www.conweets.com/mattstreuli/brandon95229061/   click image to make full screen


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