RIP Power Tools Customer Service

I will dearly miss the office Service Centre team in PT. We shared an incredible two years together that I will never get back. I honestly believe that they (the management) will realise their mistake by year end when the brand has been destroyed by the incoming new service. Every single employee put in 120% until their soul was left destroyed.

In honour, Mr  Simpson has written as short eulogy for each member of the BSC over the year and here is mine:  

Matthew Streuli 
Matt’s striking resemblance to a character from the Pixar movie Toy Story 2 formed the basis of his pathological hatred of toys, nurseries and anything child-related, such was the extent of the teasing and bullying he suffered since the film’s release in 1999. Matt’s showbiz connections are further reaching, however, and in addition to being the inspiration for the character Will in Channel 4’s The Inbetweeners, he is actively involved in the Iver Heath Amateur Dramatic Society where he sees himself as Slough’s answer to George Lucas, although his fellow thespians see him more as a Matt Lucas figure.  

 RIP PT Customer Service and I wish my comrades the very very best for their future. 

Meanwhile, in my current role, can I tell you how amazing Bosch Car Batteries are? Why don't you get a new one fitted at your nearest Bosch Car Service? :) 

Also, congrats to Falcon and Louis who are now exchanging oral juices. If anyone else is looking for love I seem to be good at setting others up - just not myself.

Oh - and I am going to kill myself dressed as Elmo tomorrow. That's something to look forward to.

Happy independence day!

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