18th April 1930

I know you come here for a laugh but I don't have much to report. Well apart from the fact I was rear-ended on Thursday night and not in a good way.

Oh and I also walked on fire. Well hot coals. It's certainly mind over matter but still baffles me that it is OK for me to do that on the company insurance but not to drive to the event in my own car... #smh

So let's take this opportunity to recap on things you might of missed.

First off is an Outside Broadcast special of OFF THE RADAR. Aidan, Lee and myself recorded this a couple of weeks ago after the final performance of that play I was in. Gripping stuff I tell you. We discuss a whole smorgasbord of topics including but not limited to She-Wees and beer.  Aidan's disclaimer reads "PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS EDITION OF OFF THE RADAR WAS RECORDED ON LOCATION WITH LIMITED EQUIPMENT. TO THIS END, THE SOUND QUALITY MAY NOT BE UP TO THE DESIRED STANDARDS. AS NORMAL, OFF THE RADAR CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, SCENES OF A SEXUAL NATURE, AND FLASHING IMAGES FROM THE OUTSET."

Next up is my new YouTube videos. There is the youngsters of the Iver Heath Drama Club performing "A Midsummer's Nights Dream" which having watched I was thoughly impressed with. The Lighting effects by James Pearce of Pearce Sound and Light are amazing. I would take my hat off to all those involved if I was wearing one.The adult show featuring moi will appear in August - so make sure you click like, subscribe, share, comment and all of the buttons on YouTube.

Then next up is an assortment of clips from our trip to Brighton which looking back was almost a month ago. I am pleased to confirm that my fellow co-stars who for legal reasons I will call Louise Theochari and Eagle Garman are now in a relationship and have spent more time in each other's mouths then not. There is a special feature clip which I would class as soft porn.  Anyway click here for the first clip from this lovely series in which we sing a ditty or two.

Oh and just before we go, a bit of selfless plugging - although that sounds incredibly rude - the Iver Heath Drama Club is already promoting panto! Click that link to get to our county newspaper and see Louis Theochari and Lee Hall looking lovely.

Right - I'm off to see a specialist about my neck. From the car crash.

Oh and the blog title? Well on 18th April 1930 on BBC Radio they announced there was no news. Nothing. Now of course this was a Good Friday in the 1930's which for those you under the voting age might call the dark ages as they had no television or internet. The BBC announcer played some light piano music until normal programming resumed. Well, our version of piano music is this blog.


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