I Feel Fine!

My step mum thinks I have bipolar and it was one of my first possible diagnoses. My official diagnosis is Borderline Personality Disorder but looking back on the past week I think bipolar might be right!

The past two editions of this blog come mental health diary are somewhat scary for the suicidal subtext throughout them. Yet, this week I feel pretty good. It is completely counterintuitive because the issues I faced last week are still there. Financial ruin is still a possibility however I am happy to keep on; worry about what I can deal with now. I guess that is a good philosophy for life and it certainly relieves my anxiety and panic about my future although I do worry that I'm not worrying enough about my future.
Panto went really well and only now am I ready
for the future! www.ihdc.co.uk

Last week I felt I couldn't face going to drama but on Thursday I pushed myself to go spend some time with friends. Part of visiting friends is socialising with others. One of my bestest friends is a childminder and so to have her nearby is a god send and making the little children she looks after laugh during the day genuinely made me smile.  By Friday evening I felt almost back to zero - a normal middle ground. I went to see my Nan with my normal pessimistic view that she will have mobility issues and her dementia like memory issues. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see she was up and about and her memory was pretty good.

We have mental health. We should all take better
care of our minds! Check our the #InTheMind season
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I had a brilliant weekend with her and then friends and this week I've been working on doing more public work online. Seeing people happy and making them laugh makes me feel really good.

Did I mention I updated the two pages on my website?

After my recent article in The Guardian, my Psychologist is encouraging me to do more of this work as it is a positive release for my condition. I’ve even tried emailing some agents to little success. I have been on LBC and even sat in to Shelagh Fogarty’s show earlier this year just to try and get myself and my mental health blog better known. Meanwhile, as The Beatles said "I feel fine!"

Still, now is a good time to worry about what I can control. I have an appointment with my Psychologist this week and plans a plenty for a new career in case this media work doesn't quite pan out.
"I know you don't want this to go on any longer but please keep having a crack at it, and one day you will be glad that you did"

I guess there is hope. Which neatly leads me onto thanking everyone who has retweeted my blog, or tweeted and commented with their support. It means so much and I realise that I am not as alone and life is not as futile as my illness would have it seem. So thank you xx

Meanwhile my sister is 13 next week. Oh my god... What do I get her?

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  I love you all xx


  1. Good job buddy I am so happy to hear you had a better weekend and that you saw some friends. I had a similar experience with my weekend and it helped me immensely. Keep on thinking positively and know that every step no matter how small is a step forward. Eve if you feel like you are stepping back, it is all to learn and grow. So much respect buddy xx
    I'd love for you to one day comment on some of my posts.
    I am so proud of you

  2. Well done matt. I've known you since j was 15 that's nearly 10 years and I've always admired you. I can't believe your sister will be 13. Omg I remember her when she was like 4 years old xx I have multiple personality disorder, so I know how you feel. Keep up the good work hun x