Summer Holidays 2015

I'm into my second week here in France with my sister and our best friends. A couple of YouTube videos below to show just a couple of highlights but stay tuned to my instagram & twatter as we have a few days left and the long drive to London - Calais should be fun!?

Last week I wrote a confusing jumble. After a bit of mindfulness, sugary snacks and "SH" I am back to normal. We've had a great time and I've spend a good few hours living life, here in the moment, not worried or anxious about the next days or weeks.

I'm happy and I hope you are too.

As a proud member of the mental health charity, MIND, I just wanted to wave the below link. Does your company support those with mental health? Is there basic things you could improve on? Have a look and share it on.

Thank you for reading & sharing this week's short post. TTFN xx

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Posted by Matthew E Streuli on Monday, 3 August 2015

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