#Variety: Wobble

Lots of thoughts bumping around at the moment so prepare to engage with this mess. Last week we had a look at how Google is tracking your location and remembering it. I also glanced over the fact I had received a letter from the NHS letting me know that I am on a new waiting list.

It frustrates me.

If I had an ingrowing toenail or even something as severe as cancer, I would not be waiting 18 weeks. From taking that first step to speak to my GP, to getting a diagnosis, through to just starting treatment is forecasted to take over 10 months. 304 days from asking to help to actually getting it. As I've covered before suicide is the BIGGEST cause of death of men in the UK aged 20 to 45. Surely by investing more into treatments and preventative care then we could not only ward off some of the deaths but also release the pressure that has been dropped on our Police and frontline NHS.  According to Theresa May in May (hehe) 2015:
Last year, over 4,000 people detained under section 135 and 136 of the Mental Health Act were held in a police cell rather than in a health-based place of safety...
At a speech given to Police Chiefs the Home Secretary went on to say:
 The right place for a person suffering a mental health crisis is a bed, not a police cell. And the right people to look after them are medically trained professionals, not police officers.
 20% of the 22,000 people who were 'detained' or sectioned were kept in a police cell. The Guardian newspaper estimated earlier this year that 20% to 40% of the Police's time is dealing with people with mental health issues.
So where does this leave me? At the moment I am only a Moderate risk so just leave me alone to either kill myself and save the Government some cash or until I have a major crisis and become a burden at the local police station; taking up a cell and the time of officer's that should be focused on catching the thugs we see on Crimewatch each week. Theresa May pledged £15million in extra funding for this problem - but where is it? It doesn't appear to be shortening my 18 week wait just my shortening my life expectancy. Physical health is like the Mercedes-Benz F1 team versus mental health budget of the slowest F1 team, Manor F1.

If you have 30 seconds, then I ask you have a look at this campaign by the mental health charity RETHINK. They are trying email MPs to close the gap between physical health and mental health and demand fair funding - please click and join in - It's easy! : http://e-activist.com/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=32&ea.campaign.id=38960&ea.tracking.id=email

My wobble was not due to this wait - at least I don't think so. It was more something at work where I had put time and effort in only to be undermined and then have the situation overcomplicated.
I isolated myself and gave myself time to heal. I did selfharm but I'm please to say that after 24 hours I was almost back to my normal self - although lacking my normal tolerance.

Carrying on my F1 story from a couple of weeks ago, I am pleased to report that Max had a clean race in Canada that was mildly successful despite the harsh grid place penalty that was passed to him. Yet Grosjean, whilst lapping a much slower competitor from aforementioned Manor F1, decided to cut his car across the front bow and tear the nose-cone off the lapped car. It was careless and unnecessary.
He had already made his pass so why do it?

His punishment? 5 seconds added to his race time at the end so he still finished in 10th.Unfair?

Given his race record, you would of though that Romain Grosjean was 'experienced' enough now not to do things like this.

In other news, the Summer show at IHDC is going really well and Falcon has done an amazing job. I can't wait to see all the work by the youngsters and the crew pay off and I think we will really wow our community infomarket guests. You can read more about it on the NEWS page of www.ihdc.co.uk

Finally, I'd like to promote a new programme on BBC News Channel. Outside Source is a fantastic concept. Fronted by Ros Atkins which combines social media and the latest news from external sources with the reports from BBC reporters on the ground. It gives a bitesize yet rounded view on an array of stories - some of which we normally would miss in the UK as the programme is simulcast on BBC World News.  I am now an avid viewer (except for when it clashes with Drama - sorry Ros!) so much so, I had a mention earlier this week.
Have a look below - LIKE AND SHARE!
Thanks again for your support. I'm gonna try and cheer the fuck up and stop being so GRRR and cynical.

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