How to Prevent and Deter Discrimination

Hi! I'm Matt. I'm 26 years old and I live
on the edge of West London. I'm a
suicide survivor, an adult child of an
 alcoholic and I have
 Borderline Personality Disorder.

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A side effect of having a mental health issue is that you lose confidence in whether you are right to feel how you do, or if you are overreacting or possibly underreacting again. Sometimes this means you fight battles nobody else can see or you do not fight at all. This is why, I think, discrimination has continued unhindered.

As I've covered before on this blog and my website, I have faced discrimination due to my mental health issues. The most damaging discrimination I suffered was in the workplace. I felt stunned and it took me a while to process exactly what had been said and what it meant. I remember my mind pacing, unable to focus, as I panicked that I was overreacting. Was that a reasonable or acceptable thing to say?
Whether they are treating someone differently due to their mental health or physical health, disability discrimination is illegal BUT at the moment you have to prove it and then take it to a tribunal... AT YOUR COST AND PERIL! 
Then I tried to imagine what advice I would give to a friend if they had received that treatment and comments. I found myself angry n frustrated. I even felt betrayed. I had been so open and honest; I didn't deserve this. It has really hurt and created a big block in my recovery. I could even go so far to say it exacerbated my condition. If you read back through my blog, I am sure you'll agree.

Please sign my petition - Link below

It has made me think. Would they dare say or behave that way because of my skin tone? My religion? I would hope they would not behave that way due to my gender or race but I really do not know anymore.

As you may of seen, I have started a petition to make 'disability discrimination' a criminal offence that is processed or handled by the Police; in a similar way to how they handle racial discrimination and abuse. Getting justice is a key element but if I can do anything to save other people from be hurt and used the way I was - it is worth a try. I sincerely believe that the if the consequences were the same as racism, no Manager would ever behave that way again and HR teams across the UK would scramble to find comprehensive training like that offered by Mind.

If you have a moment, it would really make a difference if you could click here to sign that petition and share it on your social media and emails.

I'm going to keep this week short and simple. I've felt a bit wobbly - in terms of my emotions nit my obesity - over the past couple of days - but I have some amazing friends and family. I'd like to remind you all that I love you and thank you for bearing with me. Aside from the massive grin that matchmaking couples and making people laugh brings me, you are the core of my life. I'm not sure if this is a reward or a punishment but there is a video me singing down below.

 Meanwhile - happy 13th birthday to my sister! It's all downhill from here in. You are a star (especially in the Instagram clip below!) and you make me laugh my arse off!

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  1. You know it pisses me off. I just got a job, but I would never tick the 'are you on meds or have an illness' because honestly, I would hate for them to turn around and let me go despite it being discrimination. There are ways to get around it, but obviously like its just taxing on a person to pursue!
    Its 2016! We shouldn't have to feel this way