Time To Talk Day 2016

When I started writing this week's blog I had to stop. It looked too much like a goodbye letter someone thrusts in your hand as your whisked away on a steam train; if we all lived in a black and white movie from 1946.

I have been so high over the past week and I am filled with this warm soppy glow. Pantomime, thus far, has been an amazing success with ticket sales suddenly boosting providing the vital funds the drama club needs. The same drama club I spoke about in my article for The Guardian newspaper.
However, I am still at war with my mind and the world around me. I still have to battle the  discrimination and the financial collapse I am now facing. I simply don't want to do that. Don't misunderstand me, I have enjoyed aspects of life but I don't want to fight anymore. Whilst I have never refused treatment for cancer, I can only assume that this is how it feels.

I need not worry about the drama club, my cat, my little sister or any assets I may have. I would be leaving them all in the capable hands of my amazing friends who I trust. Those people know me well and know the values I hold dear and the envy I have for their ability to not just survive but also to live.  I have appointments to see my psychologist and my GP around the final few shows of pantomime and I have every intention of going. As hard as it may seem there is some relief that an end and the relief that brings is a distinct possibility. I guess it is an endgame.
For the 75% of the UK public who have little or no mental health issues at all, I would be interested to hear how this, and my other posts, read. Can you relate to this? Or is this garbage?
"  The biggest killer of men aged 45 and under in the UK is not war, drugs or cancer. The biggest killer is suicide - themselves. How can we live in a world where this happens and no one notices?   "          --MattStreuli.uk - Mental Health Aware Facebook Page

This Thursday is Time To Talk Day.Everyone has a mind, body and soul. The soul is your spiritual needs whether that is religious or something that brings you joy such as spending time with your family or a KitKat Chunky. Your body is that fleshy thing we should all probably take better care of unless you are incredibly fit; in which case how have you not tried a chocolate caterpiller cake? The bit we, humans in general, are particularly bad at looking after is the mind. Now is the Time To Change and the best way of doing that is making Time To Talk.

Mental health is fast becoming one of the great issues of our time with growing numbers of people in the UK seeking help.

People are genuinely scared to openly talk about their mind because of stigma and how it will affect their jobs or relationships. That's not right. I write every week on my blog about my
struggles but this battle needs your help.

It can start with a simple "how are you?" Whether you meet up for a tea or coffee and just have a chat or send someone a message on Facebook, email or twitter, that is all you need to be a good friend and to make a real difference. Sharing tweets or blogs like mine draws that damping field that stigma creates and enables those with mental health to take a stand like I tried to do.
 Need help? In the UK, call The Samaritans free on 116 123. Further information plus legal support lines are available from MIND, the mental health charity, at www.mind.org.uk 

I'm not sad or low. If anything, I feel content. I've had a good crack at it and would leave a good impression on this Earth.

As I type this there are a few more tickets left for the final shows this weekend. I love our family. Every single person is a valuable and loved cog in a machine which, despite the fact we are amdram, is oiled and running pretty well. I knew this was a good pantomime but it isn't until you have an audience riding the show with you do you realise just how good it is. Despite the 'drama' of it all, I am glowing with love for the best fun you can legally have with the best people working together with the support of our community. We have the best chorus ever and my Sister has done a brilliant job of joining the team. I simply cannot wait for the 3 shows this weekend. I ask everyone one of you to keep up that love and energy and carry my passion for our community and IHDC ensuring future success. I'm so proud.

 In the meantime, I emplore you to have a look at TIME TO TALK DAY online and my new Facebook page: facebook.com/mattstreuli.uk

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Every view and share makes a difference. xx


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