Mole Force!

So advice time!

I have a mole on my arm that I spotted whilst on holiday.  Its not alone I have plenty of them. I look like someone tried to play dot-to-dot on a badly shaved ape.

Anyway all of them are neat and circular but this little shit is not. And the edges fade like a smudge where as the rest of them do not. Then today without realising I caught myself itching it.

Hmm now the NHS website says get it checked in case it's the big C...

Question 1 - should I? Do I need to go?
Question 2 - I still haven't changed GPs since I moved into my own place. Can I just go to my current GP near my parent's  house and pretend I still live there?
Question 3 - have you subscribed to my Youtube channel?

please note - the picture attached is not the mole on my arm. #obviousbut...

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