Live Today

Well hello my lovely blogging and twotter fans. How are you? 
If you answered positively then great if not; maybe tomorrow.

But that's what I want to post about. Now probably isnt the best time, given itis 0045hrs where I am and I've been drinking very cheap fizzy wine for several hours.

10years ago today ny mother died. I was 13 years old and in my first year of secondary school.

Yep. That escalated quickly.

Part of me wonders where have I got in 10 years,  apart that I am now 23 despite looking 40.

Despite thinking I had found the one, I am single.
I am in a career I never imagined myself in and despite many media based ideas I've never really progressed with them.

On the other hand I do own my own flat which I share with my cat and two fish. I cohost 2 podcasts and have a relatively popular YouTube channel which has seen almost 10,000 views. I've appeared in 11 or 12 pantomimes and several plays.

Part of me is proud I have done this much when society wouldn't of blamed me for going off the rails. But the rest of me wants more.

I want to push my media skills: more blogging,  tweeting and youtube.
I want to find a career that will support or supplement this and doesn't anger or frustrate me the way this one does.
I want to find someone to love with a view to settling down.

So here's how we will do it. There is no 'maybe tomorrow' options.  Turn off the TV and grab that 30mins by the horns.

Live today.