I didn't die

This week has seen a dramatic change. One which I feel could of been avoided. Either way, I am now signed off sick and I have made a formal complaint to my employer regarding constructive dismissal and discrimination. When I said I had been signed off due to my work, my boss replied with "no one else has a problem". Would he have said that if I was in a wheelchair?

 It was either ask my GP for help, quit and face eviction from my home or kill myself. Last week's post I said I was worried about "the fear that I am going to have a mental breakdown and kill myself because of you." You being my job.

I saw the warning signs. I asked for help and here I am. Now I am outside of that working situation and the work load, I feel such a sense of relief. I honestly feel out of danger and now able to fight the good fight. I won't say too much more because it would be unfair. Now is a good point to thank all of my friends and family, including those who work for the same employer, who have messaged me to offer their love and support. You are literal life savers. Part of me wonders that if I had not have the group therapy and help earlier in the year, if I would be dead by now.

However, this is an opportunity. I should not feel shame for seeing the signs and asking for help. I have been in touch with several mental health charities about working for them in the media. Over the past few days I have revamped my website and launched a profile on StarNow looking for extra work. My escape plan of becoming a Driving Instructor is also on the cards and I am a few theory sessions away from practical lessons.
See the new website at www.MattStreuli.co.uk

I can also confirm that I am recording a new radio show for SouthWaves Radio. I was planning the playlist just before I wrote this blog. It is another opportunity to openly discuss mental health and destroy the stigma that surrounds it as well as playing some fantastic tunes by Coldplay and The Dunwells. Keep an eye on my twitter for news of when I will be 'On Air'.
UPDATE - Show is this Thursday at 8pm

Thank you again for your support and please keep sharing my blog - it means the world.


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