Does this work?

When did people start taking relationship advice from an automated service?

I'll be honest I have answered one of their texts before in which I asked them who I would marry. Either a clever IT system or a bored Uni student then preceeded to google my name and hometown before picking a random facebook friend. It was a bit of fun. Probably too expensive but still banter.

But I would not trust a Uni Student in Latvia or a computer system in Belguim to investgate whether my gf is cheating or if I should leave her. What worries me more so that the question "Is my Gf cheating?" appears to be as important as finding out "What was number 1 when I was born?"

If you aren't sure you love someone, then make an effort with them.
If you suspect they are cheating then either you are insecure or they don't show you the love and attention you deserve.

There is some advice which didn't cost £2.50 per message.

Also I hope Joanna and Emma don't read this and realise that if they take this seriously they may have to share me.

There is a lot to share.

In other news - a NEW YOUTUBE video appears tonight at about 5:30pm (13/6/14) Go look :)

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